We’re excited to announce that over 660 riders and 112 team registered for Season 6 of the DIRT Racing Series! Absolutely amazing numbers, this season is going to be a spicy one 🌶🔥

As a tribute to Jason aka “Sausage” we’ve reintroduced our League names, which we’ve named after famous sausages for Season 6:

Atlantic US = Bratwurst
EMEA W = Chorizo
US W = Merguez

How do I get my Racepass?

You can find your Racepass on the Rider Dashboard. Captains can also find them for all their teams on the Team Dashboard.

Please check if you are flagged / if your riders are flagged

We are flagging riders who currently look too strong for the team’s category. We do this to help you avoid DQs and keep the races as clean as we can. Please do help us by keeping an eye on them and sorting any issues.

  • Team Captains please check if your riders are on the Flagged Riders List on your Team Dashboard.

If any racers don’t have a max30 vELO score but did race in season 5 of DRS then we will allow them to race in the same or higher category without a fresh max30. This is for race 1 only. This will need a manual reinstatement at our end and so you may have to remind us with a request after the race. This only affects a few people but hopefully helps our loyal DRS racers.

General announcements

As always if there are any problems, please have your Captains tag us in Captains-Questions and we’ll do our best to help!


Team DIRT Racing