Hi all – whilst we continue to work the last couple of gremlins out of the Database for Stage 2 results … Stage 3 is already upon us! It’s Tomorrow.

And I first off want to briefly address the decision to race on a Thursday. We are really sorry that we’ve had to clash with the TTT races on a Thursday this season. Like lots of you, many of us race them, or have raced them, and in fact they’re a form of racing we all love.

Honestly, we were pretty gutted when we saw the new ZRL schedule. We feel its taken out many of the opportunities we had to fit in the ZRL gaps. We couldn’t start this season any earlier as we were away and this was the only possible way we thought we could squeeze one in, so we’re clashing with the TTT tomorrow to avoid clashing with ZRL. Neither are ideal, and so our apologies to any of your non-DRS TTT teams who are weakened this week as a result.

At the end of this season, as always, we’ll be asking for your feedback in our feedback form and we’ll certainly ask for all of your thoughts on how best to proceed in the future with dates & days. We appreciate you all racing with us and want to keep this growing as best we possibly can!

But for this Thursday – its OLD-SCHOOL TTT time. So TT bikes do NOT have draft – please don’t use them! And it will be stop-watch time, with the start delays published in your dashboards and with the race passes … oh and they are only very loosely based on where you are in the league (because results processing is mid-way still so don’t draw any conclusions please!).

They are all here though:

TTT – Start Delay

And team-captains – you can find your own and your race passes from your dashboard as always:

Team Dashboard

Team DIRT Racing