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1. Our Overriding Principles

  1. Race within the spirit of the rules. Work with us and avoid exploiting any loopholes. We want to find the fastest bike riders, not the smartest cheats or fastest salad spinners.

  2. Be honest with your stats and equipment. Integrity is crucial in eRacing. Don’t manipulate your in-game biometrics, don’t manipulate your equipment or share your account.

  3. Communicate with respect, empathy, and understanding. Ensure your messages are considerate and non-offensive. If in doubt, refrain from typing. It’s simple.

  4. If you suspect someone is breaking the rules, only the Team Captain is authorized to contact us through our Discord server. We do not handle communications anywhere else. We handle all flags carefully and base conclusions on available/requested data. Avoid in-game messaging or post-race discussions. Let your Team Captain reach out, and we’ll thoroughly investigate the flag. No need for pitchforks.

Please note that our overriding principles will always take priority over the general rules. These principles apply to all events hosted and powered by Team DIRT Racing (TDR), they apply both in-game and on any social media platforms where TDR hosted or powered events are being discussed. Any breach of these overriding principles may result in race/event disqualification (DQ), season disqualification (SDQ), or permanent expulsion from all TDR hosted or powered events, depending on the severity of the violation.

2. Rider Requirements

3. Team Rosters

4. Rider & Team Categories

5. Race Specific Rules

6.1 Season – Leaderboards and Points Allocation

6.2 Season – Points Tables

7.1 Grand Championship – Leaderboards and Points Allocation

7.2 Grand Championship – Points Tables