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Welcome to Stage 2 of the DIRT Racing Series! Get ready to experience the ultimate test of teamwork in the Team Time Race on Zwift’s New York map, tackling the challenging Everything Bagel course.

Course Highlights:

  • Location: Everything Bagel, New York.
  • Distance: Custom Lap, 28.3 km.
  • Elevation: ↗ 475 m.
  • Timed Segments: None (see below).
  • Race Format: Team Time Race (TTR).
  • Remarks: Mass start (see own pen only), Draft Enabled, NO TT-bikes, Finish time taken from team’s 4th rider.

Course Description:

Spanning a custom length of 28.3 km, this unique race format requires seamless coordination and collaboration among team members as they work together to achieve maximum speed and efficiency. With the finish line positioned just after the second New York Sprint, every pedal stroke counts as teams strive to clock the fastest collective time.

As riders line up at the start line, anticipation builds for the mass start, with each team categorized according to their ability. With no TT bikes allowed and the draft turned on, the emphasis is on teamwork and strategic positioning as teams navigate the bustling streets of New York.

The Everything Bagel course offers a dynamic mix of terrain, from flat-out sprints to challenging climbs, ensuring a varied and exciting ride for all participants. With the draft enabled, teams must utilize their collective strength to maintain high speeds and conserve energy throughout the race.

But it’s not just about individual performance – it’s about the collective effort of the team. As riders take turns leading the pack and sheltering behind their teammates, communication and coordination are essential in maximizing efficiency and minimizing drag.

And as the race reaches its climax, the tension mounts as teams push towards the finish line, each rider giving their all to ensure their team’s success. With the finish time taken from the 4th rider to cross the line, every member plays a crucial role in determining their team’s fate.

So saddle up, clip in, and prepare to unleash the power of teamwork in Stage 2 of the DIRT Racing Series. Whether you’re aiming for victory or simply striving to improve as a team, this stage promises excitement, challenge, and the opportunity to showcase the true spirit of camaraderie on the virtual roads of Zwift’s New York. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and make Stage 2 a race to remember? Let’s find out!

Ride on!

Course map

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