Stage 7 > Bologna > Bologna Time Trial

Welcome, riders, to the grand crescendo of The DIRT Racing Series – a stage that’s set to be an unforgettable journey for climbers who love the thrill of the uphill battle. Stage 7 takes you to the iconic “Bologna Time Trial” course on the Bologna map, replicating the legendary Giro d’Italia prologue TT stage raced on May 11, 2019.

Course Highlights:

  • Location: Bologna Time Trial Lap, Bologna.
  • Distance: 1.5 laps – 16.4 km.
  • Timed Segments: None (see below).
  • Race Format: Individual Time Trial.

Course Description:

This course is a tribute to the climbers, designed to push your limits as you tackle the iconic climb, winding your way through Bologna’s picturesque streets. As you ascend and descend, you’ll sense the echoes of history and competition that have graced these roads.

The stage is raced in the Individual Time Trial format, which means it’s you against the clock. Only the fastest rider will seize the glory. There are no segments in play, no competitors to out-sprint or out-climb – just the road, the climb, and the sound of your heartbeat as you push for your personal best.

The grandeur of the Bologna Time Trial reaches its zenith as you cross the starting banner, coming full circle to where your journey began. It’s a moment of triumph, a testament to your determination and the reward for your dedication to the sport.

Riders, this is your chance to shine, to conquer the climb, and to leave your legacy in The DIRT Racing Series. Bologna’s grand finale is not just a stage; it’s a celebration of the climb, a tribute to the pursuit of excellence, and a moment to savor the thrill of time-trialing.

Course map

Please note that the course map may not reflect the actual length and finish position of the race. Please refer to the top of the page for full stage details.

Course profile

Our DRS enthusiasts are currently racing this track to get you the most accurate km markers, we’ll post the course profile soon!

Segments in play

Please note: there are no segments in play.