Morning all. All of Race Control are back … some of us are still broken this morning, but we’re back!

Team Captains:
The race passes for both Stages 4 & 5 are now live in your

For those of you in Low C & D – please ignore that the Race Description says Low-End A&B – you are now in the same race with the same 45-minute time gap as voted for last week.

Results for Stage 3 have been held up by a couple of final queries from Stage 2 I’m afraid – and we want to close that down before we display Stage 3’s to you. We’ll tag you later when that’s done, but we’re doing our best to get it nailed as quickly as we can for you.

In the meantime – get everyone signed in as quick as you can so we can restart the flag checks for you all and make sure everyone is good to race tomorrow!

Team DIRT Racing