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1. Our Overriding Principles

  1. Race within the spirit of the rules. You can see what we’re aiming for here so work with us. Don’t try to game the system if we missed a loophole. We want to find the fastest bike riders not the smartest sneaks or fastest salad spinners.

  2. Be honest with your stats and recognise that when we are eRacing the appearance of honesty is also crucial! Don’t mess with your height. Don’t lend your account to anyone else to play with. Don’t find a massive weight drop the day before the Alpe du Zwift race.

  3. If you think someone is operating outside of the rules, then have your Team Captain only come to one of the DIRT Race Control team and we’ll work it out. Pitchforks not required.

2. Rider Requirements

3. Teams and Time zones

4. Team & Rider Categories

5.1 Leaderboard and Points

5.2 Points Tables

6. Race Specific Rules