Stage 3 Race Passes are LIVE

Hi all – whilst we continue to work the last couple of gremlins out of the Database for Stage 2 results … Stage 3 is already upon us! It’s Tomorrow. And I first off want to briefly address the decision to race on a Thursday. We are really sorry that we’ve had to clash with […]

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Stage 2 Livestream with commentary

Do you want to relive your pain? Want to share your pain with others? Don’t worry, we are here to help you do just that! One of our DIRT Racing Series enthusiasts, going by the name of “The Squirrell” is mad enough to livestream one race in each zone… with commentary!  This weeks livestream covered […]

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Stage 2 Race Passes are LIVE

Stage 2 Racebriefing – Watopia – Two Thirds of Three Sisters OMG – we’re so excited to have a race to the top of the Radio Tower! Only the second race in and our Queen Stage brings everyone to the nastiest race finish known to Watopians! First really important point … it’s a custom finish […]

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Stage 1 Results are LIVE

So I know we’ve been quiet – but we’ve been working seriously hard to get the results together, and we’ve cross checked ever rider to Zwiftpower for race 1 as well. Its true – we are on our THIRD system in 3 seasons, and not because we’re mad – well we are but that’s not […]

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Stage 1 Race Passes are LIVE

So the numbers have been crunched and the leagues have been split out for Zone 2 and we’re ready to share the race passes for Stage 1 for everyone. Just a couple of updates first. As you’ll have seen we’ve added a few new categories – D in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 (they […]

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As mentioned before we’ve closed team registration and locked the Stage 1 rider rosters. This means NO rider changes can be made between now and the end of Stage 1. After Stage 1 we will unlock the roster again, as we only need to lock it for our League creation. We will release the League […]

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Important notification regarding registration deadline

The clock is ticking, so final call to everyone: the Club Owners, Team Captains and DRS enthusiasts to register both their team(s) AND riders! We’ll be finalizing the Leagues oncoming Friday, so all riders and teams should be registered by Thursday 18th of August 11:59PM BST. IMPORTANT NOTE: Team and rider form/profile will be locked […]

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