So I know we’ve been quiet – but we’ve been working seriously hard to get the results together, and we’ve cross checked ever rider to Zwiftpower for race 1 as well. Its true – we are on our THIRD system in 3 seasons, and not because we’re mad – well we are but that’s not the only reason – but to get ourselves finally on infrastructure that gives us hope this is getting scalable.

I can’t really overstate how much work has gone into it – especially from – who gets a big thank-you-mate, and deserves many beers!

So back to the racing! And what an awesome bunch of racing that was. The first stage was always going to be a little cruise-smash-regroup-smash-smash – bet there’s plenty of stages ahead to spread us out all over the road.

There are already some fantastic battles shaping up – in Stelvio B alone the top 2 and positions 3&4 were both separated by a single point … out of nearly 400! And in Tourmalet D where we only have 2 teams … how did you also manage to only be separated by a single point! Now that’s as competitive as team racing can get!

So enjoy pouring over the various battles up and down the leagues, and as always let us know if you’ve any queries or if we’ve any final gremlins to chase out by tagging Race Control on the DRS Discord Server!

Thanks for bearing with us as always.
Team DIRT Racing