Stage 2 Racebriefing – Watopia – Two Thirds of Three Sisters
OMG – we’re so excited to have a race to the top of the Radio Tower! Only the second race in and our Queen Stage brings everyone to the nastiest race finish known to Watopians! First really important point … it’s a custom finish so your finish is one of those flashing blue banners at 21.3km.

But there is SOOO much fun to be had before we even get there.

And there are some real strategic questions to be answered this week … how much do you need to leave in the tank for the beastly climb that is the 1.1km long Radio Tower that AVERAGES 13.7%? How many people are going to go too hard up Epic KOM and let fresher riders come around them on the really-quite-long run to the line? Or will you let them get too far ahead and they hold you off all the way to the line?

We’re hoping there will be stories to be told after Tuesday that will enthrall your friends and family for … well, as long as they’ll allow you to bang-on about your online cycling. 😆

But before any of that … we first hit the Zwift Hilly KOM Forward, it’ll either warm your legs up nicely or burn them out early. KOM points for FTS and FALs!

There’s then the only easy piece of the whole route as we cruise over to Epic KOM again in the Forward direction where there’s a 2nd set of KOM points – again for both FTS and FAL. Your very own in-race FTP test. Lovely.

Start at c. 1.3km Hilly KOM Forward: FTS & FAL
Start at c. 10.4km Epic KOM Forward: FTS & FAL

And then at the very top of the Radio Tower be looking out for that flashing blue banner at 21.3km … ready for you to fall over the line and off the bike.

You can thank us later. 😁

Team DIRT Racing