As most of RaceControl will either be riding the Alpenbrevet, a 100 mile gravel adventure or training rides today to clear our heads and punish the legs, here’s a short update on a couple of (very) important topics:

Feedback on sent in queries/flags:
We will get back to everyone that had sent in rider flags before the end of this weekend.

Results Stage 3:
As we’ve have received multiple queries about teams/riders that we had to investigate, the results will be up either Sunday or Monday morning (CET) latest.

Racepasses and Racebriefing:
Will be posted and distributed Sunday or Monday morning (CET) latest.

Important Stage 4 & Stage 5 information:
– Rider registration and category entitlement will be locked at the beginning of Stage 4.

– This means that there can be NO rider roster changes between Stage 4 and 5 but nor do the team-captains have to worry about Stage 4 performance affecting a rider’s ability to ride in Stage 5 (the gap is too short for that to ask you to do this).

– As per the vote above we will set the gap between the starts of both stages at 45 minutes for all categories. We will check in advance how we handle riders that don’t make the time cut.

Thank you all for your patience!