Evening everyone!

We’ve tried to work through all the queries we had from Stage 2 first so those results should be finalized. And we’ve managed to merge in the TTT results provisionally as well as we know you are all keen to try and ensure you know where you stand ahead of racing tomorrow!

The racing remains phenomenally close – with great battles in the TTTs being won by the second. And in my division a single rider point is the only differentiation between 1st and 2nd in the table! That’s nuts close.

It really is all still to play for now on the last day – with double Team League points up for grabs … it can all change tomorrow. So have a peak at the results tonight – and have your targets in sight!

Of course please raise any Stage 3 queries with Race-Control in our DRS Discord Server – but for now – good luck and hope you all have a brilliant couple of races tomorrow.

Team DIRT Racing