Stage 1 Race briefing – London 8 Reverse

It’s finally here – Stage 1! We’re back everyone and kicking off with our own signature take on an iTT.

It’s a mass start iTT with the draft turned OFF! And with the chance to win some FTS points as well! Remember its the top 4 riders by Total Points that gets added together to rank the teams and assign the League Points, but those FTS segment points also count to the Green and Polka Dot individual jersey competitions.

You can ride any bike you like, including TT bikes! Is this a course where something climby might help offset the weight penalty of those ever so slippery TT bikes? Unlikely across the whole course to be fair but we’ve heard some chat about a few contrary strategies, so let’s see!

There are only FTS points on offer in this race for the segments – Fox Hill and then the Mall Sprint.

How will you “balance” your effort? How much do you take out of the tank in the first 10-minutes and up Fox Hill… versus what you leave in there for the remaining 14.5km? We think there will be some fun chase downs out there as more than the odd rider blows up before the end because of how hard they hit Fox Hill.

And then – when you get around to the Mall Sprint … is it worth a punt at some FTS here? Remember there’s still 7 km to go afterwards and FIN points are much more valuable in DRS than you might be used to in team racing. So make sure you check out the points scoring, and a quick scan of the rules can’t hurt, as you put together your team’s strategy.

Best of luck to all of you today!

Thanks for all your support,

Team DIRT Racing