// Stage 2 Race briefing – KOM After Party //

3 laps of Innsbruckring followed by the KOM – or “A race of death followed by an FTP test” … somewhat harsh description by a fellow DIRT racer of our race choice this week.

The first lap might be nice though because there aren’t any Bonus Points on that first lap … unless of course someone decides the group should be broken up early.

Laps 2 and 3 should be pretty fruity however. FTS points up the Legsnapper and following straight onto FAL points in the Sprint. Will those cresting fastest up the Legsnapper breakaway and hold on for FALs or will that effort have taken too much out of them meaning a pack behind catch and roll on through themselves to take the FALs?

And then the KOM itself.. any early breaks around Innsbruckring might give the punchier racers a head-start … but that climb is more than long enough that we should expect to see some epic pac-manning right up to the top and a fierce fight for the line. And with how valuable FIN points are in DRS, even if you took some bonus points its no roll home for you either, everyone should have to keep digging to the end!

That’ll sort out some of the Christmas treats we’ve all consumed already.


Team DIRT Racing