We’re happy to announce that Stage 2 provisional results are live on our website!

Whilst we’ve been through a few checks and iterations today to pick up everything flagged to us so far … we haven’t been able to check as much as last week so please do all have a good look and let your @team-captains reach out to us in captains-questions if you’ve any queries!


Seems like it was a brutal old race out there yesterday – and some breakaways did stick between Legsnapper and the Sprint … and that KOM really did both split out the groups and allow some mean old chases! Hope you all enjoyed some form of Type 2 pain out there to work off those Christmas goodies!

Lots of close battles all over the timezones … but pick of the battles at the end of week 2 is in low B in Cap de Formentor with 3 teams tied on 36 league points each. Looks like that ones going to be a smash fest to the end.

If you miss yourself in the results, please check if your ZwiftPower ID landed on the DQ list before raising a question – and cross check to the rules in the first instance:



Without notice to the contrary, results will be final after 24 hours (21/29 at 9PM UTC).

Thanks all,

Team DIRT Racing