// Stage 3 Race briefing – Queen’s Highway //


We hope everyone enjoyed our previous climbing Stages, because Stage 3 is one for the sprinters!

“Just” 8 laps of Queen’s Highway will give plenty of opportunities to unleash your sprint powers, as every odd lap (1, 3, 5 and 7) includes a timed segment. Make sure you sprint in the laps where the lap counter says 1, 3, 5 or 7 as the sprint in the lead-in is NOT included. Be sure to check out our website’s Stage page to see which lap is FAL or FTS.

The actual Queen’s Highway loop is rectangular and 3km long, but it begins with a lead-in of approximately 2.4km from the regular spawn point located in central Harrogate north of the start/finish and start pens. You will pass the Royal Pump Room on your right as you make your way north to the Cairn Hotel.

This road is part of the Queen’s Highway loop, but you are still in the lead-in portion since the loop begins and ends at the sprint banner at the top of the climb. Climb up Kent Road, and you’ll reach the sprint segment. Once you’re through the banner your Queen’s Highway loop has officially begun.

Warning: the sprint segment is uphill and rather long–almost 400 meters! So you’ll have to pace yourself.

Will the FAL shooters in lap 7 stay away for the final lap? Or will they be caught by the chasers who saved themselves some energy for the final climb? Some fun strategic choices to be made in this Stage of the DIRT Racing Series!

Looking forward to racing with you all!


Team DIRT Racing