With 279 teams, 1.457 riders and 2.066 newly registered website users Season 3 of the DIRT Racing Series has been a MASSIVE success thanks to all of you!

All of Race Control would like to thank the Team Captains for taking the time to get teams together / registered and putting in the effort to making this journey as smooth as possible for all the racers. Thank you for all the constructive feedback, the answering of questions from fellow Captains and keeping a great atmosphere in the Team Captains Room. We honestly love our community, frenemies on the road of Zwift, but brothers and sister when we park our virtual bikes.

A big thank you to all Riders who signed up for yet another season of this madness. With all of the great events Zwift has to offer we feel very privileged that you’ve picked the DIRT Racing Series as to one to spend your Weebles on. Thank you for racing within the spirit of the rules and creating (what can’t be anything else than) the most competitive racing experience on Zwift. The battles we’ve seen have been awesome and amazingly close, it yet again shows we can create an amazingly competitive atmosphere if we work together in shaping this Series.

A very, very special thank you to all of my RaceControl friends:

Doug for being the catalyst in changing website registrations, processing all ZwiftPower and Team/Rider registration data and providing Justin with the Results data input, and much more.

Justin for completely renewing our results processing system, processing all results, handling our most important communication and answering a buckload of questions, and much more.

Martin for creating the automated results processing checks, welcoming most of the new members, handling questions and supporting Doug and Justin in the processing of our data, and much more.

The above list of responsibilities is by far not complete, but I can assure you all these guys worked both day AND night to make all of this happen. Our Captains-Questions channel counted 1.419 messages in the last 28 days, RaceControl posted 2.489 messages in our Discussion channel and needed an extra 1.418 messages in our Results Processing channel to get things right. I can’t be anything but absolutely grateful these three are willing to put the effort in to set up the second largest Team Racing experience on Zwift.

As you may expect from us we’ll email our feedback form within the next couple of days. We truly value the information provided by you, as your comments will help us in our analysis and will pave the way for further improvement in our Racing Series. So don’t abandon us just yet, we’ll email you once the feedback form is alive and kicking.

Thanks again everyone for being on this adventure with us, we hope you had a blast and that you’ll be back for more.

With lots of cycling love from all of Team DIRT Racing,

Doug, Justin, Kevin and Martin