Join the DIRT Racing Series – Trial Races

Amongst the tons of useful feedback from Season 3 – one of the key questions had been about our use of half-categories and Zwiftpower-ranking for categorisation.

Whilst the majority of you did like what we did, there were still what we feel are significant minority groups who weren’t fans for one reason or another.  One of those groups was those of you who felt we should move to a pure race ranking strategy.

We feel we need some more intel to make a final decision for what we do for Season 4 – so during the upcoming 2-week break in ZRL action we’ve decided to put on a couple of Trial Races to test out the race ranking categorisation.

The Trial Races are NOT team events, everyone can join as individual riders!

We’re only doing a single timezone for these trial races to keep it manageable for us:

DIRT Racing Series Trial Race 1 
February 21, 2023 6:45 PM UTC

DIRT Racing Series Trial Race 2 
February 28, 2023 6:45 PM UTC

How to join the Trial Races

Step 1: Setting yourself up on

Step 2: Joining the DRS Trial Races

We are looking forward to racing with you!