As we’ve noticed many riders haven’t done a qualifying (yet), we’d like to help out both Riders and Team Captains. Riders without a recent qualifying race (not showing a 30-day Max Ranking in their profile) will be ranked by ZwiftRacing Compound Score (zrCS). While the ZwiftRacing Compound Score is an excellent indicator of overall race performance, we’d still strongly recommend racing a qualifying race for the best Racing Experience during DRS.

We’ve based our 200 points upgrade threshold upon having done one or more recent qualifying race efforts, so being ranked on zcRS could results in breaching that threshold or possibly being a category too high. We will adjust the tables on the Rider Dashboard and Team Dashboard to reflect what the Rider’s ranking is based upon: 30-Day Max or zrCS.

We’re looking forward to racing with you!

Team DIRT Racing Crew