Team Captains please check your flagged rider list at the bottom of your Team Dashboard. We’ve noticed a number of riders who are registered in more than one team in the same time zone. This will prevent their results being calculated unless resolved.

Have your riders check on their own Rider Dashboard – this will show each team they are registered to race for as well as showing them their own status on the flagged list.

If we’re unable to determine the correct team for a rider, we won’t be able to count that rider’s results toward any team’s standings, so please help to make sure this is resolved by Friday’s freeze!

There are also a handful of riders who are too strong for the team they’ve registered to ride with and we’ve flagged these as well. Either the team needs to move up in a category to fit them, or they will need to find a team that fits their level. If they have trouble searching, teamless-riders can help to match newly-promoted riders with captains still looking to fill the last few slots.

The flagged list updates every 5 minutes, so if you make adjustments, please give it a moment before checking that it’s reflected properly on the website.