We’re happy to announce that Stage 2 provisional results are live on our website!

We were so excited by the new format, we’ve cracked on through the night and have provisional results online!

We hope you all suffered enjoyed that stage as much as we did! We were hopeful this format would be fun and would mean that teams who communicated and worked together had the best chance of success. From what we saw and heard, that seemed to be the case! We’re looking forward to hear what you thought.

As a reminder, this contributes nothing to individual GC, so all the interesting bits are in your teams pages. Check out your Teams Per Stage for stage 2, Teams Overall views to find out how things turned out. And of course, there are a few lines, on the DQ list if something seems amiss.

– Teams Per Stage: https://www.dirtracingseries.com/team-classification-per-stage/

– Teams Overall: https://www.dirtracingseries.com/team-classification/

– DQ: https://www.dirtracingseries.com/dq-riders/

If something still seems odd, please have your team-captains let us know within the next 24-hours.

We’re now well into the season with some interesting and close battles shaping up and can’t wait to see how things change next week in Scotland when the GC, Sprint, and KOM competition comes back as well!

Ride on everyone!