We knew we couldn’t foresee every scenario you would all come up with, which is why we have Rule number 1 of DRS:

Race within the spirit of the rules. You can see what we’re aiming for here so work with us. Don’t try to game the system if we missed a loophole. We want to find the fastest bike riders not the smartest sneaks or fastest salad spinners.

This morning we’ve seen incorrect use of the Handcycle in Stage 5 and 6 of the Atlantic US time zone.

The handcycle is described by Zwift as this:

“Designed in collaboration with experts in para-cycling, this frame is for athletes who crank with their arms instead of their legs. This well-balanced cycle will let you see the roads from a whole new perspective.”

“Handcycles are available to all, but they’re intended for Zwifters using handcycles on their trainers.”

Because of the (multiple) advantageous draft benefits handcycles give, without giving any benefit to upright bikes, using a handcycle in a DRS race when you are pedaling with your legs, is and will be considered a breach of rule 1.1. Breaching rule 1.1 will result in a rider DQ.

Team DIRT Racing