We’re nearly there on the results, but we’ve also been working hard on some fun for everyone who hasn’t picked anything else for their Tuesday evenings yet! Well we’re here to help! 😎

Next week, Tuesday 23rd May, we will host a DRS After Party at your usual time slots for each of the TimeZones: ATLANTIC, EMEA C, EMEA W, US W.

To make it fun, we’re going to do something different.

It will be 3 segments selected and each will be FTS only for that segment, but FTS points for EVERYONE in all 3 segments. The idea being everyone can cruise together, have a smash at a segment and cruise to the next one. A bit more sociable we hoped. We’ve picked a course that has something for everyone – sprint, punch & hill. And even a nice cool down from the last segment to the banner. Full details and race briefing to follow at the weekend when all is setup. But save the date for next Tuesday!

We’ll then have a few weeks breather … before the ☀️ DIRT Racing Series: Summer of Champions ☀️ kicks off on 13th June. We’ll run it for 12-weeks through to the end of August. It will be designed with the fact that it is Northern Hemisphere summer-time in mind … so you certainly won’t have to race every race to compete for the Series Title. And it’s all about YOU, you Champions you … so just an individual league for the first time from us.
(Felt more appropriate for the summer where its harder to get teams together consistently)

The rest of the details we’ve still got to work on … BUT keep your summer Tuesdays free for some of the most competitive Individual Racing on Zwift. Its gonna be spicy! 🌶️🥵🌶️


Team DIRT Racing.