We’re happy to announce that Stage 5 & 6 provisional results are live on our website!

Ok, let’s see what the website can handle … draft results are out for Stages 5 & 6 and the overall!

We’ll note some particular results when we finalise them, but for now, please cast your eyes to:


and of course all of the other individual results pages and have your team-captains let us know if you spot any issues.

Just one big heads up … remember that the GC jersey for individuals is determined by the best 4 of 5 results … so if you think your total doesn’t add up, just check you’ve covered this off first please!

As soon as we’ve got results finalised we’ll move to what more fun we can setup for you all in the coming weeks, and of course to put together the survey and open the feedback channel so we can make sure we capture all the stuff that worked well and know what to improve for the future.

So let us know if there are any issues, and hopefully we can finalise Season 4 tonight.


Team DIRT Racing