We’ve finished the final pre-prologue shuffle and RACE PASSES ARE LIVE! 🥳

Get ’em while they are hot – for riders at https://www.dirtracingseries.com/rider-dashboard/ 🔥
And for Captains at https://www.dirtracingseries.com/team-dashboard/ 🌶️

Team Captains – PLEASE check your Team Dashboard 👆🏼 because we are already flagging riders who currently look too strong for your team’s category for you. We do this to help you avoid DQs and keep the races as clean as we can. Please do help us by keeping an eye on them and sorting any issues. 👀

For the Prologue you can IGNORE the “No Zwiftrace Rating” flag. It is fine for your racers to use the Prologue to set their category. But please do remember that we will still DQ any racer who improves to a vELO that is 75.00 or more over the category limit (and any over category at race start). This will not materially impact the team’s results in the prologue as the team results are there for tie-breaks only. Remember though that this race can fully count for the individuals performances so it is well worth being in the right place from the start.

As well as on the Captain’s dashboard – you can see all flags at:

PRO-TIP …look for the Flag Reason filter option to only display things like “too strong for team”.

As always if there are any problems, please have your Captains tag us in on our Discord Server and we’ll do our best to help!

Looking forward to racing with you!

Team DIRT Racing