Get ’em while they are hot – for riders at:
And for Captains at:

Team Captains – PLEASE check your Team Dashboard because we are already flagging riders who currently look too strong for your team’s category for you. We do this to help you avoid DQs and keep the races as clean as we can. Please do help us by keeping an eye on them and sorting any issues. We did not find time to fix the issue with riders who are too strong who are not being flagged. So if you can keep and eye out for that we would be grateful.

Remember, we take a freeze of registrations and status at 17:00 UK time on Monday (that’s GMT+1 right now in BST) – so if riders are flagged at that point then they risk being DQd if they race. This does now include the “No Zwiftrace Rating” – remember its any normal Zwift race that will count (ZRacing, Tiny Races, etc. etc.) so its not a big ask.

As well as on the Captain’s dashboard – you can see all flags at:

PRO-TIP …look for the Flag Reason filter option to only display things like “too strong for team”.

As always if there are any problems, please have your Captains tag us in ⁠captains-questions and we’ll do our best to help!

Looking forward to racing with you!

Team DIRT Racing