Firstly thank-you to everyone who completed the questionnaire.

Numerically, it appeared that we might get a few more racers by moving to a Monday, but it would be at the loss of 32% of existing DRSers. And current racers were always a priority for us in the decision making. This was backed up in the qualitative feedback given to us in the ⁠monday-or-tuesday Captain’s channel, which was universal in its encouragement to not give up on Tuesday yet.

And so … we will keep DRS running on a Tuesday for next season and see how it goes.

However, this season has also made us reflect on what it is that we, as your Race Control team, want DRS to be and how much time can we take from our families to run it. We have summed up what we want it to be on our homepage pretty well to be fair … the most competitive Team Racing on Zwift. We have no desire to be the biggest, just something that all of us love racing in. But we do feel that there’s a minimum number of teams needed to really be able to deliver that.

To help achieve that in the EMEA time-zone, we’re going to consolidate to a single time. We know that there are lots of individual preferences and that even a half-hour can make the difference for some riders, but we need to pick one. And it has been clear that EMEA W has been massively more preferred than EMEA C. And so to keep consistency and allow that to grow, we will set our single EMEA time-zone to EMEA W: 19:15 BST (18:15 UTC).

In our US time-zones, we have had some fantastic offers of support to help run those so that we can keep them going and growing, and we’ll share more details on that shortly.

So to summarize:

Season 6 will continue to run on a Tuesday starting on November 14th and will run for 6-weeks.

Thanks all, and we hope that everyone enjoys the season finale next week in the meantime!

Team DIRT Racing