Hey everyone! Season 7 is around the corner, and we’re as thrilled as you are!

We’ve delved into the Season 6 survey feedback, and while a detailed post is in the works, here are some immediate actions and future plans:

Immediate Changes for Season 7:

  • Bonus Points:
    Boosting FIN points by 20% based on your feedback (29% of you suggested it).
  • Race Adjustments:
    Making some races a bit longer and hillier (requested by 18% and 13% of you, respectively).
  • Roster Rules:
    Keeping the existing rules; 87% of you appreciate the fairness of roster limitations.
  • vELO Upgrade Limit:
    Staying at 50 for now. Only 21% suggested reducing to 25, and Tim Hanson tweaked vELO volatility in the New Year release.

Planned Changes for Season 8 (Starting April 9th):

  • Additional US-East Coast Evening Slot:
    For our friends across the pond—details to come!
  • Diamond/Ruby Split in EMEA:
    Creating two separate categories.
  • Monday EMEA C Slot:
    A potential earlier timeslot, pending Tuesday attendance growth.

Big Ask: A massive 98% of you would recommend DRS to a friend! Please, please spread the word and help us grow Season 7. Let’s expand our community and open the door for more timeslots!

Catch you on the race course soon!

Team DIRT Racing