• Stage 1 – Provisional Results live
    With a massive thank-you to RC – Doug & RC – Martin Harris for the many hours they have put in to speed up results processing and automate our cross-checks … We’re really excited to confirm that Stage 1 Provisional results are all live! Check ’em out at: https://www.dirtracingseries.com/team-classification/ If have any queries then please have your captains contact us on our Discord Server. Results will finalise in 24-hours so please make sure you let us know as soon as possible. Thanks, Team DIRT Racing
  • Stage 1 – Racepasses live
    We’re excited to announce that over 660 riders and 112 team registered for Season 6 of the DIRT Racing Series! Absolutely amazing numbers, this season is going to be a spicy one 🌶🔥 As a tribute to Jason aka “Sausage” we’ve reintroduced our League names, which we’ve named after famous sausages for Season 6: Atlantic US = Bratwurst EMEA W = Chorizo US W = Merguez How do I get my Racepass? You can find your Racepass on the Rider Dashboard. Captains can also find them for all their teams on the Team Dashboard. Please check if you are flagged […]
  • DIRT Racing Series Season 5 Feedback
    Firstly – a massive thank-you to all of you who raced DRS with us in Season 5! We knew timing it in parallel with ZRL would be a challenge, but we never set out to be the biggest … but of course we’re trying really hard to be the best … at least in your eyes! 😉  And frankly, the most key ingredient to that is your feedback, so thank-you to all who took the time to respond. TL;DR: We’re just gonna take a moment to reflect on that … that’s a pretty awesome number!  And doubly cool that 4.5% […]
  • DRS guests on “Watopian Weekly” podcast!
    Exciting News! Two of the DIRT Racing Series Organizers, Justin and Kevin, are joining the “Watopian Weekly” Podcast with Hosts Hollie and Dustin! Join us as these two fearless organizers spill the beans on what it takes to run a racing series, share untold stories about how the DIRT Racing Series started, and reveal why organizing races isn’t always a walk in the park. Grab your protein shake, give your legs some well-deserved recovery time, and tune in for a blend of both serious and lighthearted Zwift insights, including a moment where Hollie enjoys a banana (you won’t want to […]
  • Season 6 Race Day Decision
    Firstly thank-you to everyone who completed the questionnaire. Numerically, it appeared that we might get a few more racers by moving to a Monday, but it would be at the loss of 32% of existing DRSers. And current racers were always a priority for us in the decision making. This was backed up in the qualitative feedback given to us in the ⁠monday-or-tuesday Captain’s channel, which was universal in its encouragement to not give up on Tuesday yet. And so … we will keep DRS running on a Tuesday for next season and see how it goes. However, this season […]