We’re nearly there on the results, but we’ve also been working hard on some fun for everyone who hasn’t picked anything else for their Tuesday evenings yet! Well we’re here to help! 😎 Next week, Tuesday 23rd May, we will host a DRS After Party at your usual time slots for each of the TimeZones: […]

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Stage 5 & 6: Results are Live

We’re happy to announce that Stage 5 & 6 provisional results are live on our website! Ok, let’s see what the website can handle … draft results are out for Stages 5 & 6 and the overall! We’ll note some particular results when we finalise them, but for now, please cast your eyes to: […]

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Urgent rules clarification – Handcycles

We knew we couldn’t foresee every scenario you would all come up with, which is why we have Rule number 1 of DRS: Race within the spirit of the rules. You can see what we’re aiming for here so work with us. Don’t try to game the system if we missed a loophole. We want […]

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Stage 4: Results are Live

We’re happy to announce that Stage 4 provisional results are live on our website! Sorry for the little delay – poxy day jobs getting in the way! We hope you all enjoyed that particular flavour of fun we cooked up for you last week … We’d like to tell you next week will be easier, […]

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DIRT Racing Series featured in “The Big Ring Show”!

Shoutout to Nathan, Andrew and Rob from “The Big Ring Show” for spending a fair amount of their valuable air-time on the DIRT Racing Series and! Is DRS the next big thing on Zwift? We invite you to experience it yourself! Zwift you better catch up on this one quick! Thanks a million guys! […]

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