Season 3 – Dates announcement

Team DIRT Racing brings the most competitive team racing experience to the virtual streets of Zwift: The DIRT Racing Series. Block your calendars, because we are pleased to announce Season 3 of the DIRT Racing Series!   With over 2600 riders, 370 teams, 7 rider categories, 5 challenging stages per season and 3 race formats, […]

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Stage 4 & 5 Results are LIVE

Hi everyone! We are pleased (aka relieved 😉) to say that the results are (finally) live on our website! So please do go check them out and let us know of any remaining gremlins that escaped hours of checking – little *@&”$%ds – as always through your Team Captains in our DRS Team Captains Discord […]

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Stage 4 & 5 Livestream with commentary

While we wrap up the final results why not relive a bit of the horror that unfolded last Tuesday?  One of our DIRT Racing Series enthusiasts, going by the name of “The Squirrell” is mad enough to livestream various categories… with commentary!  This weeks livestream covered the following races:– Zone 1 – Race 4 – […]

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Stage 3 Results are LIVE

Evening everyone! We’ve tried to work through all the queries we had from Stage 2 first so those results should be finalized. And we’ve managed to merge in the TTT results provisionally as well as we know you are all keen to try and ensure you know where you stand ahead of racing tomorrow! The […]

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Stage 4 & 5 Race Passes are LIVE

Morning all. All of Race Control are back … some of us are still broken this morning, but we’re back! Team Captains: The race passes for both Stages 4 & 5 are now live in your For those of you in Low C & D – please ignore that the Race Description says Low-End […]

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Stage 4 & 5 Notification

As most of RaceControl will either be riding the Alpenbrevet, a 100 mile gravel adventure or training rides today to clear our heads and punish the legs, here’s a short update on a couple of (very) important topics: Feedback on sent in queries/flags: We will get back to everyone that had sent in rider flags […]

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Stage 2 Results are LIVE

Things got a bit hectic with Stage 2 and Stage 3 so close together, but we’ve got the results out in the open and our team is already working on today’s Stage. Team Classification Small side-note: There’s a tiny gremlin left that awards the riders that ride both Time Zones a bit too much in […]

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