Stage 2: Results are Live

We’re happy to announce that Stage 2 provisional results are live on our website! We were so excited by the new format, we’ve cracked on through the night and have provisional results online! We hope you all suffered enjoyed that stage as much as we did! We were hopeful this format would be fun and […]

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OTR Snap Crackle Pop – DRS Preview Edition

A shout out to our friends of On The Rivet Racing that are hosting a special 4-week / 5-stage SCP series on Wed and Sun, starting April 19th. Recon/race all the climbs from upcoming DIRT Racing Series (plus some sprints). Note: some routes vary vs DRS, but climbs are the same (some qty of climbs […]

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Stage 1: Results are Live

We’re happy to announce that Stage 1 provisional results are live on our website! We’ve been having sooooo much fun with the results checking that we just couldn’t stop! More true would be to say that we think we’ve knocked down the wall of gremlins with our heads … so its over to you all […]

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DRS GoFundMe – Goal Update

Wow… Never thought I already had to write another update to our loving Zwift Community… But here I am again… Needless to say we’re absolutely speechless We have got some awesome news to share with you all! Thanks to your incredible generosity and sharing of our GoFundMe page, we have hit our second fundraising target […]

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Registration extended to 15th of April 06:00AM UTC

Because of loads of last minute interest we’re extending the registration deadline until Saturday 15th of April 06:00 AM UTC. At that point we’ll lock the Stage 1 Rider Rosters and freeze rider data. We’re looking forward to racing with everyone !

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Registration closes TODAY

Hold onto your virtual helmets, folks! The DIRT Racing Series deadline (Friday 14th of April, 11:59 PM UTC) is closing faster than a Platinum+ rider in a rocket ship, and today is your last chance to sign up! Don’t miss your opportunity to show off your leg power and compete against the best of the […]

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Flagged Riders Check

Team Captains please check your flagged rider list at the bottom of your Team Dashboard. We’ve noticed a number of riders who are registered in more than one team in the same time zone. This will prevent their results being calculated unless resolved. Have your riders check on their own Rider Dashboard – this will […]

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Qualifying Race Rule Update

// NOTIFICATION RULE 2.1 – RIDER REQUIREMENTS – QUALIFYING RACE // As we’ve noticed many riders haven’t done a qualifying (yet), we’d like to help out both Riders and Team Captains. Riders without a recent qualifying race (not showing a 30-day Max Ranking in their profile) will be ranked by ZwiftRacing Compound Score (zrCS). While […]

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